For over a decade, Porterbuilt has been committed to the development of adjustable air suspension and performance suspension systems for classic Chevrolet trucks. Pioneers of the front “Dropmember”, Porterbuilt has redesigned the way classic truck owners update their suspension.

Our bolt-in front suspension systems are designed to increase your trucks ground clearance while improving both ride quality and performance. Our Front Dropmember system’s features include: modular motor mounts; utilizes stock or tubular control arms; rack and pinion steering; all front systems are available with your choice of airbags or adjustable coil-over shocks; narrowed track width; improved suspension geometry for better handling; and most of all that killer stance. We currently offer the front Dropmember in the following stages: Mild, Touring, and Extreme.

Dropmember Rear suspension systems are also available from Porterbuilt. We have numerous kits for the C10 trucks that are designed with both ride quality and performance in mind.

Our mission is to provide the aftermarket community with the best possible service and suspension products for their classic trucks. We’re proud to say all Porterbuilt products are designed to fit and are made in the USA!

Here’s a cool video of ”Nacho” running full Porterbuilt suspension.

And another one of Nacho towing Sancho.

And one of Delmo’s 65 running full Porterbuilt Suspension.